Michelle's very first Acting Role was in her hometown of Los Alamos, New Mexico when she was about six years old. She was a dancing tree for the Traveling Missoula Theatre Company's production of Snow White. Although she loved being a dancing tree, the Acting Bug didn't officially bite until College at Eastern New Mexico University. She took a wonderful detour through the world of Video Productions in High School and even won a writing award with her producing partner for a News Segment they wrote and produced. Having learned the ins and outs of in front of the camera, Michelle found her love and passion on stage when she was in College. The next step was to move to Los Angeles, California, where she's been in several different Plays, Feature Films, TV Shows and Webseries.

Personal Info

  •   11333 Moorpark Str, suite 4, Studio City 91602


"Michelle Tomlinson is a beautiful, talented Actress whose adept comedic timing enhanced my film. She is also a true pleasure to work with. I can't wait to do it again."

Kevin Tenney

Director of BRAIN DEAD
"Michelle played the role of Laura Williams. Laura's daughter was murdered and it triggered a difficult divorce with her husband. Needless to say, this was not a role where an actor could just get away with delivering lines. Michelle inhabited Laura Williams and delivered a nuanced performance that allowed the audience to see Laura's state of mind - pain, confusion and no ability to cope with her new reality."


Writer/Director of UNDERCURRENT
"The camera loves Michelle. I can light her from any direction, in any situation and she virtually jumps through the lens. She's such a joy to work with. Amazingly talented, strong and intelligent - she brings everything to set and has a great work ethic."

Skye Borgman

"In a business bursting at its seams from ego-driven divas who mistake having a pretty face for a solid work ethic and pure talent, Michelle Tomlinson is truly a breath of fresh air by possessing all three."

Brad C. Hodson

Writer/Producer, George's Intervention


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