An overcomer of papillary thyroid cancer and single mama of a rockin’ toddler, Michelle Tomlinson uses her life to spread light, have fun, work hard and taste every moment to its fullest.
An accomplished Actor, Tomlinson has received rave reviews in several Feature Films that have hit Festivals, Theatres, and DVD Releases. Although she is more known for her work in Indie Horror Feature Films, such as “THE CELLAR DOOR”, “BRAIN DEAD” and “GEORGE’S INTERVENTION,” Tomlinson has also enjoyed juicy roles in Dramatic Indie Feature Films, such as “UNDERCURRENT”, “OFFICER DOWN,” and “ROAD TO THE OPEN.” She has also been in several Web Series, Short Films and Plays.
Tomlinson professionally teaches & coaches Actors of every age, ability and experience level.  She has several students who regularly book roles in Television, Feature Films, Commercials, and Plays. She quickly and adeptly recognizes the Actor’s essence within minutes of meeting them.  Her specialty as an Acting Teacher & Coach is to swiftly peel away the layers of junk and accentuate the gifts each Actor brings to her or his performance.
Tomlinson is the Casting Director for the Podcast “FRIJOLES y ARROZ” for creator James Charleston and Season One will be released mid-summer, 2019.  Tomlinson is also currently Directing two documentaries:  “EDGE”, with partner Lori Bowen and “RISE OF THE MILLENNIAL”, with partner Kimberly Amato.  Tomlinson was recently hired to Direct the comedy pilot “DEEPLY SUPERFICIAL” for creator Keith Allen West.
Tomlinson’s children’s book, “GROWING UP MAY”, will be released in the fall/winter of 2019 through Amazon.